Nothing Better

About Nothing Better Chocolates

Nothing better is a family-owned business with a shared passion for quality and sustainability. We are dedicated to bringing the finest organic cacao from the heart of the Dominican Republic to your kitchen.

Our journey began with the inspiration of our father, Isidoro De La Rosa, a visionary deeply involved in the organic community of the Dominican Republic. Growing up surrounded by the lush landscapes and vibrant culture of the Caribbean, we were instilled with a profound appreciation for the land and its bounty. Our father's commitment to organic farming practices and community empowerment laid the foundation for our mission at Nothing Better.

Partnering with CONACADO, a respected cooperative of organic farmers in the Dominican Republic, we ensure that every batch of cacao we source is ethically and sustainably grown. From the sun-drenched plantations to our facilities, we oversee every step of the process with meticulous care, preserving the integrity of our products.

We bring a blend of creativity, expertise, and shared values to our craft. From selecting the finest cacao beans to crafting indulgent recipes, we pour our hearts into every aspect of Nothing Better. Our goal is not only to deliver exceptional chocolate products but also to honor the legacy of our father and the generations of farmers who cultivate this precious crop.

Whether you're a discerning chef, a health-conscious consumer, or a devoted chocolate enthusiast, we invite you to try our chocolate and experience the magic of organic Dominican cacao.

Thank you for choosing Nothing Better. We're delighted to share our passion for chocolate with you. 

Nothing Better Chocolate - Founder and Owner Jetzel De La Rosa
Nothing Better Chocolate - About Us